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The Parent Payment Portal takes the hassle out of collecting yearbook payments. Parents and students can use the portal to order and pay for their yearbooks. It's a quick and easy process that can be completed in just five simple steps:

  • Set up the Parent Payment Portal – enter your yearbook details and selling price, you can add on a few £s for fundraising. *
  • Let parents/students know – head over to Correspondence to print off a letter for parents and posters to put up around school.
  • Parents/students place their order online – they can pay by card or Paypal and we deal with all the admin (you can view who has ordered at any time).
  • Finalise your book – once you are happy with your yearbook, confirm your order and add any additional copies to be invoiced.
  • Receive your yearbooks – all yearbooks will be delivered to you with a list of orders and an invoice, if applicable.

*If you are using your yearbook to raise funds, you will receive your cheque within 30 days of delivery of your books.